My Messiest Stuffing Ever

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1,931 5.0
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ifaala Jul 19

oooooooooooh my god what are you doing here

I won Feedee Of The Year and to celebrate I do my messiest video yet! Sloppy joes! I eat 2 overly packed sloppy joes in 6 mins! I have sauce dripping down my neck, tits, and belly! I’m heavy breathing and I can’t get enough! If you love watching me stuff my fat face! You will love this video! TAGS: BBW, SSBBW, blonde, natural breast, fat rolls, blue eyes, thick thighs, armpits, feet, feedee, feederism, cosplay, roleplay, lesbian, fat, fetish, inflatables, smoking, balloons, squashing, sploshing, shower, DD/LG, food, masturbation, anal, toys, fingers, body comparison, belly button, nails, teeth, oral Fixation, blowjobs, shaved, hairy pussy, porcelain, pale, fupa, fat pussy, twerking, dirty talk, overeating, facestuffing, clothes destruction, ignore fetish, thick, chubby, chugging, smoke, cigarettes, fat belly, belly rolls, moan, nipple clamps, cum shot, horny, naughty, school girl, cum slut, femdom, findom, foot job, BDSM, wax play
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